Model Test for Mayya

June 2, 2014

The other day I was challenged by a friend with unordinarily rich imagination to make a dress from.... what can you think?! PAPER!! - a dress for a fashion photo shoot. At first, of course, I panicked but then I remembered that when I was a child I was quite a talented tailor and cut into parts all my mother's precious dresses and designed smaller ones for myself. Pavel Zmunchila was the friend who became a producer of this improvised photo shoot. He bought a big roll of thin white paper for me and there we began. Pavel works as a light man in partnership with a young photographer Vitaly Kapustyanov (their company is called VIE PHOTO). They also booked an awesomely beautiful red-flame-haired model - Mayya Novozhilova from ANDY FIORD FAMILY. The studio that they found for the photoshoot was gorgeous as well - new and really big white loft with a lot of natural light and fresh painted decorations at Bolshaya Konyushennaya street - LOFT 100. Pavel and Vitaly invited me to work as a stylist in their team for the first time and I hope I did not ruin their dreams :) 


The pictures are coming soon on the site. And here I attach a small backstage picture taken with my iphone as usual as a teaser.



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